Here is the Youtube playlist for each day in August 2023. Or just watch the videos below.

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My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult – “The Devil Does Drugs” (1990)

1 August 2023

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult released “The Devil Does Drugs” in 1990 on the “Kooler Than Jesus” single.

Pulp – “Like a Friend” (1996)

2 August 2023

Pulp released “Like a Friend” in 1996 on the soundtrack for Great Expectations. It was then released on their 1998 album Hardcore.

Pet Shop Boys – “What Have I Done to Deserve This” (1987)

3 August 2023

The Pet Shop Boys released “What Have I Done to Deserve This” in 1987 on their Actually album.

Bow Wow Wow – “I Want Candy” (1982)

4 August 2023

Bow Wow Wow’s “I Want Candy” was released in 1982. It was originally released in 1965 by the Strangeloves. Annabella Lwin was 14 when she posed nude for the album cover. It caused a major stir, started by Lwin’s mother. Never afraid to fling middle fingers, she posed nude again for the cover of the “I Want Candy” single.

Adam Ant – “Goody Two Shoes” (1982)

5 August 2023

Adam Ant released “Goody Two Shoes” in 1982 on his Friend or Foe album.

Green Day – “Basket Case” (1994)

6 August 2023

Green Day released “Basket Case” on their 1994 album Dookie.

M.I.A. – “Paper Planes” (2007)

7 August 2023

M.I.A. released “Paper Planes” in 2007 on the soundtrack for Slumdog Millionaire. It was relesaed subsequently on her album Kala.

Britny Fox – “Girlschool” (1988)

8 August 2023

Britny Fox released “Girlschool” on their 1988 self-titled album.

Romeo Void – “Never Say Never” (1982)

9 August 2023

The Romeo Void released “Never Say Never” on their 1982 album Benefactor. It gained popularity in the 1990s after its use in the film Grosse Point Blank.

The Church – “Under the Milky Way” (1988)

10 August 2023

The Church released “Under the Milky Way” in 1988 on their Starfish album.

Vanessa Carlton – “A Thousand Miles” (2002)

11 August 2023

Vanessa Carlton released “A Thousand Miles” on her 2002 album Be Not Nobody.

The Dead Kennedys – “California Uber Alles” (1979)

12 August 2023

The Dead Kennedys released “California Uber Alles” on their 1979 album Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables.

‘Til Tuesday – “Voices Carry” (1985)

13 August 2023

‘Til Tuesday released “Voices Carry” in 1985 on their Voices Carry album.

Natalie Imbruglia – “Torn” (1997)

14 August 2023

Natalie Imbruglia released her cover of “Torn” in 1997 on her album Left of the Middle. The original song was relesaed by Ednaswap in 1995.

Backstreet Boys – “I Want it That Way” (1999)

15 August 2023

The Backstreet Boys released “I Want it That Way” in 1999 on their album Millenium.

Mr. Mister – “Kyrie” (1985)

16 August 2023

Mr. Mister released “Kyrie” on their 1985 album Welcome to the Real World.

Ani DiFranco – “Untouchable Face” (1996)

17 August 2023

Ani DiFranco released “Untouchable Face” on her 1996 album Dilate.

Gwen Stefani – “Hollaback Girl” (2004)

18 August 2023

Gwen Stefani released “Hollaback Girl” in 2004 on her Love. Angel. Music. Baby. album.

Shakespears Sister – “Stay” (1992)

19 August 2023

Shakespears Sister released “Stay” on their 1992 album Hormonally Yours.

Shania Twain – “That Don’t Impress Me Much” (1997)

20 August 2023

In 1997, Shania Twain dropped a diss track on Brad Pitt in “That Don’t Impress Me Much” from her album Come On Over.

Katrina and the Waves – “Walking on Sunshine” (1983)

21 August 2023

Katrina and the Waves released “Walking on Sunshine” in 1983 on their album of the same title.

TLC – “No Scrubs” (1999)

22 August 2023

TLC released “No Scrubs” in 1999 on their album FanMail.

Iggy Pop – “Candy” (1990)

23 August 2023

Iggy Pop released “Candy” in 1990 on his Brick by Brick album.

Nena – “99 Luftbaloons” (1983)

24 August 2023

In 1983, known psychic and German musician Nena warned us of the Chinese spy balloons shot down over the US in 2023 with “99 Luftballoons” from her self-titled album.

The Buggles – “Video Killed the Radio Star” (1979)

25 August 2023

In 1979, the Buggles released “Video Killed the Radio Star” on their album English Garden. It was also the first video aired on MTV when it started broadcasting.

Yazoo – “Don’t Go” (1982)

26 August 2023

Yazoo released “Don’t Go” in 1982 on their album Upstairs at Eric’s.

Big Country – “In a Big Country” (1983)

27 August 2023

Big Country released “In a Big Country” in 1983 on their album The Crossing.

Europe – “The Final Countdown” (1986)

28 August 2023

In 1986 Europe released “The Final Countdown” for their album of the same name.

Chumbawamba – “Tubthumping” (1997)

29 August 2023

Chumbawamba released “Tubthumping” in 1997 on their album Tubthumper.

Stacey Q – “Two of Hearts” (1986)

30 August 2023

Stacey Q released “Two of Hearts” in 1986 on her album Better Than Heaven.

Emilia – “Big Big World” (1998)

31 August 2023

Emilia released “Big Big World” on her 1998 album of the same name.