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Super Cool Game Club is the place for information about the coolest games from today and the distant past. I will be moving much of  the content in the gaming section from here to SCGC. It is flagging a bit behind the Cringe Cinema Club where I'm putting the movie...

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CringeCinema.Club is a new site where I will be putting much of the movie information and posts that have traditionally been on Nostalgia Drop. I wanted a place to discuss movies that may or not be relevant to nostalgia. Of course, some of them would make sense here,...

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December 2023 Playlist

December 2023 Playlist

Here is the Youtube playlist for each day in Ddecember 2023. Or just watch the videos below. YouTube PlaylistShakira - "Hips Don't Lie" (2005) 1 December 2023The Bangles - "Hazy Shade of Winter" (1987) 2 December 2023The Go-Go's - "Head Over Heels" (1984) 3 December...

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Five More Musical Numbers in Non-Musical Films

Five More Musical Numbers in Non-Musical Films

I already had a number of songs from movies with unexpected musical numbers, but my friend Joe reminded me of Magnolia which has an absolutely amazing and beautifully haunting version of Aimee Mann's "Wise Up (It's Not Going to Stop)" and I had to include it. Revenge...

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Weekly Rewind

Weekly Rewind for the Week of February 11th, 2024

At work I inherited a new lab so I've been putting in extra hours, which means most things around here have suffered. I did get posts scheduled for next week, though, so the socials are at least working if not squeaky clean. I did get a bit of a change to work my way...

Weekly Rewind for the Week of February 4th, 2024

One new computer classroom with super sweet Mac Studio Ultras, Apple Studio monitors, and 27" Wacoms done! And now I might have another space with Apple Studio Maxes and high end PCs for realtime rendering. Should be interesting. Anyway, enough about "the job." This...

Weekly Rewind for the Week of January 28th, 2024

Things really should be slowing down at work sometime soon, but so far that hasn't been the case. And when I have a busy time at the paying gig, side projects like Nostalgia, Cringe Cinema, and Super Cool Games don't get the love they deserve. In fact, I'm behind on a...

Weekly Rewind for the Week of January 21st, 2024

Work has mostly calmed down as classes settle into their rhythms. Though it has been slightly hectic getting ready for my brother-in-law's visit because I have been neglecting my housecleaning duties for quite a bit in the rush. Luckily, he's not super judgy but I'd...

Weekly Rewind for the Week of January 14th, 2024 

The first week of school is always a hectic week for UNLV, and it has been extremely crazy. My writing and adding stupid quips to the daily drops has been on the low-side. I haven't even had time to work on Cringe Cinema Club or Super Cool Game Club much other than...

Weekly Rewind for the Week of January 7th, 2024

I have not had much of a chance to get anything done this week. I've been preparing for the Spring semester at my day job, and that has taken a TON of my time. I have been slowly adding content to Cringe Cinema Club and Super Cool Game Club.And the January playlist on...

Weekly Rewind for the Week of December 31st, 2023

Much of my week has been completely dedicated to my blatantly average day job. Not that I don't like IT, but this is one of those weeks where I was doing the same thing on repeat and hoping against hope that something interesting would come along. That's because most...

Weekly Rewind for the Week of December 24th, 2023

I have been in the process of moving content to Cringe Cinema Club and the Super Cool Game Club this week. I have also been resting and doing a lot of Legos (both official Lego sets and Mould King sets). Cringe Cinema Club is going well, but Super Cool Game Club is...

Weekly Rewind for the Week of December 17th, 2023

Merry Christmas Eve or whatever you celebrate at this time of year! It's been a long two years working on this site, but I find it fun and interesting for the most part. Scheduling content, not so much. But that goes with the territory. One of the key things I have...

Weekly Rewind for the Week of December 10th, 2023

Work continues on the site change of 2023. I've been moving content around and will be removing it from this site and redirecting it to the new ones once they are in a ready state. More on that for January.Below is the December YouTube music playlist.Weekly FindsI...

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Arcade, Computer, and Console… and everything else…

A look at some of the games that have made us throw controllers, smile wistfully, and give our younger siblings unplugged controllers so they could feel involved without messing us up. Arcade classics, computer games from bygone eras, and even a few modern retro-remakes, homebrew, and retro developments are thrown in the mix.

Game on!

Movies & TV

Blockbusters, exploitation, and indies!

 Take a trip back to some of the films that you loved, hated, never saw, were too afraid to watch, or just had no idea actually existed. Find new things you should have watched, commiserate on films you wish you hadn’t, and look back at some of the movies that inspired us, scared us, and made us laugh growing up.

Snub or lean into your inner movie snob.

People, Places, & Things

A trip down memory lane…

Put on your nostalgia goggles and take a jump back in time, whether it is a toy you always wanted (G.I. Joe Aircraft Carrier for me) or an event that shaped our lives (9/11 or the Challenger disaster), there’s something to be found for each generation.

Toss me the nostalgia goggles!


A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

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Music is one of the key elements that takes us back to the past in a million wonderful ways.


Weekly Rewind

Where did the week go?

A look back at the week from articles, game and movie releases, reviews, digest of daily drops from social media, the people we have lost, etc.

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