CringeCinema.Club is a new site where I will be putting much of the movie information and posts that have traditionally been on Nostalgia Drop. I wanted a place to discuss movies that may or not be relevant to nostalgia. Of course, some of them would make sense here, but all of them make sense on the new site. Yeah. Those pics are AI generated using Adobe Firefly. I’ll replace them with actual movie images at some time in the future. But I needed some placeholder images.

I will still be posting some movie and television posts/pages here, though. Especially when it comes to a particularly nostalgic film (ie. something like The Goonies or Ghostbusters or Forrest Gump). All of the age-gates content will move to CringeCinema.Club, though. So screenshots from The Cheerleaders with pretty naked girls will not be hosted here any longer and move there. This will also help consolidate content more easily and make the nostalgia portion more “family friendly” than it previously was.

The site will officially open on January 1st, 2024.


Cringe Cinema Club

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