Nostalgia: Rotary phones and hearts on jeans

Nostalgia Drop is about remembering the past.

And “the past” doesn’t just mean the distant past. If you’re graduating high school this year, you are going to be nostalgic about the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron or sneaking time to play Grand Theft Auto V when you were 10 and your parents were not at home. Of course, it can also mean back in the 1970s when the world was reeling from the sexual revolution and relaxing of film rules in the US.

Generally, Nostalgia Drop will be about events, toys, video games, movies, foods, and such from at least ten years ago, but also generally after the 1950s. These are vague guidelines, and sometimes content from last week will be included (especially in Weekly Rewinds). Or, if the mood fits, something from the more distant past may enter the flow of conversation.

Nostalgia is, after all, about remembering the past; and just as often misremembering the past. And that can be just as fun, though can cause a serious sense of whiplash if the nostalgia goggles are on too tight and you revisit a much-loved movie or game expecting it to be the same…or expecting you to be the same as when you first experienced it.

A Little Bit About Content

Nostalgia Drop has content filtering and commenting in place. If a movie or game page contains adult material (usually nudity in the US, though graphic violence imagery in other countries), then there will be an 18+ warning on the page, and an age verification check.

We are inclusive, but we will also be looking at a lot of exploitation films from the 1970s and 1980s, so there is a lot of objectionable content in them. We will try to be upfront about any content warnings in pages and posts.

All nudity will be behind 18+ age verification.


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