Deadly Eyes / Night Eyes (1982)

US Poster

When rats eat genetically modified corn and escape into the sewers, they grow to massive sizes and cause mayhem in the city.


Sam Groom

Paul Harris

Sarah Botsford

Kelly Leonard

Scatman Crothers

George Foskins

Cec Linder

Dr. Louis Spencer

Lisa Langlois

Trudy White

Lesleh Donaldson



Deadly Eyes (Night Eyes/Rats) begins with a simple lecture hall as Professor Spenser (Cec Linder – IMDB) discusses rats and their propensity for taking over the world.

The students attending are not paying any mind to the instruction. A blonde girl, Trudy (Lisa Langlois – IMDB) gets a note from her friend, Martha (Lesleh Donaldson – IMDB). Note that Langlois and Donaldson were also in the extremely fun Happy Birthday to Me which filmed the same year.

The note has a heart with an arrow with the names Trudy + Harris. Martha makes kissy faces at her. Their teacher, Paul Harris (Sam Groom – IMDB), turns around to see what the commotion is all about.

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