Dirty Duck / Down & Dirty Duck


Released: 1974

Dirty Duck (aka Down & Dirty Duck) is a surreal adult cartoon in which a duck attempts to help a young man named Willard loosen up and hopefully get laid.


Howard Kaylan

Willard / Negro Lady / Side Hack Driver

Mark Volman

Side Hack Rider

Robert “Bob” Ridgely

Car Salesman / Man at Bus Stop / Negro Gentleman / Big Fag / Police Officer / Tank

Cynthia Adler

Lady in Car / Boss Lady / Small Dyke / Lady in Elevator

Walker Edmiston

Bus Driver / Jail Orator / Small Fag / Prospector / Mexican Official / President / Man in Elevator

Janet Lee

Land Lady / Lady at Bus Stop / Madam / Big Dyke

Lurene Tuttle

Duck’s Mother

Jerry Good

Transvestite Fag