Sadomania / Hellhole Women from 1981 is a women-in-prison film that quickly falls into the darkest desires of the sadistic warden, the impotent governor of the city nearby, and his wife who sells off women to the local brothel.


Ajita Wilson

Magda Hurtado

Andrea Guzon

Mercedes Llorens ‘Coñito’

Ursula Buchfellner

Tara Lindberg

Antonio Mayans

Governor Mendoza

Uta Koepke

Olga Kowalski

Ángel Caballero

Michael Gordon


A young married couple, Olga (Uta Koepke) and Michael Gordon (Angel Caballero) drive their car into a private area marked with “No Trespassing” signs to make out.

A sentry on a cliff watches the car with a rifle. They begin kissing, but a gun barrel stops them as a woman tells them to stop what they’re doing. They’re under arrest. They are taken to a private prison. The Directoress, Magda Hurtado (Ajita Wilson), tells them it is a women’s camp. She tells them Olga must stay in the women’s camp, but Michael is free to go, but he must leave the country.

He says he will not leave without Olga, but Magda won’t hear of it and warns him that he will be shot.

Read the full synopsis here.

Read the full synopsis here.