The Cheerleaders

Come and Huddle with the Cheerleaders

The Cheerleaders is a 1973 sexploitation comedy about a rambunctious group of cheerleaders who will do anything to help their team score. The fate of the cheer squad hinges upon the newest cheerleader being a virgin, but Jeanie has other ideas. With questionable rhyming, awkward dialogue, and nudity every few moments, The Cheerleaders is a fun time capsule to the early 1970s sexploitation. It played prominently in drive-ins and at midnight showings before hitting late-night cable.


Stephanie Fondue


Denise Dillaway


Brandy Woods


Jovita Bush


Sandy Evans


Kim Stanton



The Cheerleaders opens on a football field with a game in progress and the namesake cheerleaders jumping, bouncing, and shaking their booties all over the screen. When the Amorosa team wins, it’s down to the women’s locker room where the cheerleaders have their own area and all of the other girls are envious. There is one girl, Jeannie, who is especially envious, trying to listen in on their conversations.

After the game, Jeannie heads to a local burger joint to pick up some food. She sees the girl in front of her flirt with the cashier and makes her best attempt at flirting…which fails pretty spectacularly.

She overhears Jon and the cheerleaders as he tells them he can get them whatever they need. Their needs span from birth control pills in exchange for cheating on tests to getting the cheerleaders out of sixth period forever to help practice.

Read the full synopsis here.

Read the full synopsis (18+) here. Note that screenshots of nudity are included, which is why there is an age gate to access this synopsis.