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Thundarr the Barbarian

S2E4: City of Evil

Former slave, Judag, wants to wake up a sleeping demon to gain the power of 1000 wizards. Obviously, Thundarr does not like this idea.

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Robert Ridgely


Nellie Bellflower

Princess Ariel

Henry Corden

Ookla the Mok

Dick Tufeld


Keye Luke

Additional Voices

Stacey Keach Sr.

Additional Voices

Joan Van Ark

Additional Voices

Shep Menken

Additional Voices

Alan Oppenheimer

Additional Voices

Julie McWhirter

Additional Voices

Episode Synopsis

The episode begins with Thundarr and friends in pursuit of Sarott, an evil wizard who has stolen the Gauntlet of Power, and his four metal robot henchmen. Thundarr and Ookla take out two of the henchmen, but a broken highway forces Sarott to a stop as the remaining henchmen crash into him. Ariel uses magic to pull the Gauntlet of Power from his arm and he falls into the swamp below.

Thundarr believes Sarott is dead, but Ariel is never sure when it comes to wizards. They return to the village to give the Gauntlet back to them.

Sarott did survive and wanders through the swamp complaining about Thundarr. He falls into a sinkhole and ends up in a basement of an experiment laboratory.

There is a glowing pyramid with a city inside. He lays claim to it and a face appears above the pyramid asking who he is. The face introduces itself as Voltak, leader of the City of Thieves.

They had escaped the cataclysm by miniaturizing their city, and have not been able to restore it. Voltak and Sarott agree that humans and other wizards should be enslaved, and Sarott agrees to try to expand the city once again. He just needs the Gauntlet of Power first.

At the village, Thundarr returns the Gauntlet of Power to Gorn, the elder. A celebration begins! Sarott casts a spell that turns Gorn into a monster. One arm has the gauntlet and the other is a snake. He also has hella cool wings and snakey hair. Since his other arm is reptilian, I’m not sure if it is another snake’s head in the gauntlet or a “tail.” He cannot control Gorn and runs off. Gorn flies off and Thundarr and the gang give chase.

In the laboratory, Sarott tells Voltak he has failed, but Gorn is very powerful. So Voltak provides a mini attack force of flying machines.

The gang track Gorn to a double-volcano. On a ledge, he blasts them with super breath and causes a rock slide. Ookla and Ariel hang on for dear life while Thundarr falls past them into the depths.

He uses his Sun Sword to cut into a telephone pole and catch himself. He climbs up and helps Ookla and Ariel climb to safety. They continue after Gorn.

Sarott launches his attack and the micro machines swarm like insects, but are easily swatted and destroyed. The micro machines retreat with Sarott on their heels.

The gang see Gorn fly higher and chase after him. They cannot find him, and suddenly he appears behind Ookla and blasts the side of the cliff, causing him to fall into the lava. Ariel creates some magical strands and he catches them. A beast rises from the lava and grabs his legs.

Thundarr slides down the ropes of magic and attacks the beast.

Meanwhile, Sarott has noticed Gorn. He has the Swarm capture him with laser webs and take him to the lab.

Once Thundarr gets the creature to let go, they search for Gorn’s location. They cannot find him so Ariel uses her magic to locate him in a pool of water. They watch as Sarott uses the gauntlet to expand the city back to its regular size.

Voltak and Sarott decide to attack the village, but Thundarr and the gang ride in to save the day. Thundarr tells Ookla and Ariel to find Gorn and save him while he takes care of Sarott. He starts kicking butt.

Ariel and Ookla find Gorn and make the guards float off in magic bubbles. She cannot reverse the spell, though. For a moment, he reverts and tells her they must destroy the Gauntlet. And wouldn’t you know it? He has snakes for both arms.

They tell Thundarr to destroy the Gauntlet of Power, and he knocks back a ball of magic with his Sun Sword to off-balance Sarott. He takes the Gauntlet and destroys it with the Sun Sword. It explodes and destroys the city. Gorn returns to normal and the rest of the city-dwellers must spend their days in the swamps now that the City of Thieves is gone.

The gang ride off!