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Thundarr the Barbarian

S1E13: Den of the Sleeping Demon

Former slave, Judag, wants to wake up a sleeping demon to gain the power of 1000 wizards. Obviously, Thundarr does not like this idea.

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Robert Ridgely


Nellie Bellflower

Princess Ariel

Henry Corden

Ookla the Mok

Dick Tufeld


Keye Luke

Additional Voices

Stacey Keach Sr.

Additional Voices

Joan Van Ark

Additional Voices

Shep Menken

Additional Voices

Alan Oppenheimer

Additional Voices

Julie McWhirter

Additional Voices

Episode Synopsis

Ariel, Thundarr, and Ookla see some people gliding through the sky and cliffs and are amazed.

Suddenly the people are attacked and the older of the gliders is shot out of the air. Ariel creates a magic bubble to save him from falling to his death. Thundarr and Ookla rush in to attack Judag and his tiger-man minions.

Suddenly the people are attacked and the older of the gliders is shot out of the air. Ariel creates a magic bubble to save him from falling to his death. Thundarr and Ookla rush in to attack Judag and his tiger-man minions. As they battle on playground equipment, Thundarr gains the upper hand, but Judag will not be captured and triggers a rock slide with his blaster.

Thundarr and Ookla head back to Ariel who has been talking to Tork, the elder of the glider people. He takes them to the village. As they ride off, Merlek the sorcerer and Shara the barbarian watch near their giant bird with twin rat-tails, Yeek.

Tork tells them about how once Judag was a slave to a wizard until he made a daring escape. Thundarr fills in a slight bit of history only hinted at in the opening titles of the series. He and Ookla also escaped from a wizard, but unlike them, Judag is bitter. He is searching for the Sleeping Demon, which is an old wive’s tale about a demon that can grant great power. They decide to stop him on his quest to become yet another evil wizard in the world.

Shara and Merlek fly around looking for signs of Judag, but are attacked in an ambush. Merlek binds two of the tiger-men in magic and Shara breaks two others’ laser wands with her club. The magical binding wears off and the tiger-men grab the Shara and Merlek from behind.

Thundarr and Ariel fly in to save them, knocking the tiger-men off the cliff. Ookla and Yeek  collide in mid-air and crash to the ground. Yeek recovers first and flies off. Thundarr tells the young warriors that they are foolish as Yeek grabs them and flies away. They glide away after the youths as well.

Inside an abandoned hospital, Judag has found the demon. Thundarr and the new crew arrive. Yeek stays outside to guard the gliders. Everyone else goes into the den of the demon. Judag and his Tiger-man minions are hiding behind the reception desk. Merlek zaps the desk and reveals them.

Merlek blasts the ceiling supports, but Merlek uses sorcery to try to hold them up. Judag blasts Ookla and he falls into an elevator shaft. Ariel runs to help him but cannot lift his weight so she is pulled in as well. Merlek cannot hold the ceiling and it crashes down on them. Thundarr jumps down the shaft, and Shara and Merlek end up caught under the rubble as Judag’s prisoners. Judag says that the things down the shaft will make short work of Thundarr.

At the bottom of the shaft Sharkrats from creeping up to attack the crew. They fight them off, with Ookla tying two rats tails together and Thundarr riding one like a bucking bronco in a rodeo.

They head back upstairs to see what has become of Shara and Merlek, but see that the roof has collapsed. In a science lab, Judag has wrapped Shara and Merlek in gauze, binding them in place, as he attempts to bring the demon back to life using the ancient scientific text of Frankenstein.

The tiger-man flips the switch on the machine and it blasts electricity into the demon’s container before exploding. The demon, a half-eagle/half-man beast rises and breaks out of the container.

It turns out that it wasn’t a magical creature, but a genetic experiment. It attacks Judag and Thundarr rushes in to save him. Ariel releases Shara and Merlek. The eagleman flies away. Ariel is concerned because the closest edibles for a hungry genetic mutant are the glider people. Yeek crashes into the lab.

At the village of the Glider People, the eagleman is grabbing people and placing them up on a cliff so they cannot escape. Thundarr and crew glide in and Yeet appears with Shara and Merlek. They take on the eagleman and finally knock it back into a cave. Yeek causes a cave-in, trapping it inside. Shara and Merlek fly off on Yeek, giving a farewell wave.