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Thundarr the Barbarian

S1E3: Mindok the Mind Menace

The evil wizard Mindok has captured former NASA scientists who were cryogenically frozen. He wants them to build him a robot body to house his wizard brain forever.

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Robert Ridgely

Thundarr / Henchman

Nellie Bellflower

Princess Ariel / Dr. Craft

Henry Corden

Ookla the Mok

Dick Tufeld


Alan Oppenheimer


Keye Luke

Additional Voices

Joan Van Ark

Additional Voices

Shep Menken

Additional Voices

Stacey Keach Sr.

Additional Voices

Julie McWhirter

Additional Voices

Episode Synopsis

A wizard’s war machine rises from the waters near the former Cape Canaveral NASA location. A wizard and his lackeys rush inside. Ookla, Ariel, and Thundarr arrive and decide to try to stop them from doing whatever evil thing they plan to do there. Thundarr rushes in. When Ariel tries to warn him not to rush in, Ookla also rushes in. She follows them, outvoted again.

She casts a light spell to see better as one of the wizard’s lackeys follows them. They find the Space Medicine division, and Thundarr asks, “space…what is space?”

The lackey pops up and says, “You’ll never know, human!” As usual, a fight breaks out and Thundarr, Ookla, and Ariel are victorious after destroying the weapons of their enemies. General Zoa mocks Thundarr and says that he serves mighty wizard Mindock. He blasts them, but Thundarr grabs his staff and breaks it. Zoa runs off and Ariel casts a whirlwind spell to sweep his henchmen up in a cyclone. It deposits them at the door of their war machine so they can run in, fly off, and come back for revenge another day.

Zoa, being an angry general, runs over the building with his war machine, trapping the Thundarr crew inside. His minion tells him Mindok will not be happy since the ice people are also inside with them.

They are trapped inside the building, but Ookla finds a boulder and tosses it aside, as Moks do. They follow and find scientists in suspended animation. Rather than figuring out the machines, Thundarr cuts the cryo chambers with his Sunsword and the scientists wake up. The blonde scientist faints when she sees Ookla. The brunette scientist introduces herself and asks how long they’ve been asleep. “It’s just a guess, but about 2000 years.”

Koa and his ship dock at Mindok’s lair, but he is waiting. He shrinks them all and puts them in a magic ball for failing.

He will stop Thundarr himself. Thundarr cuts through stone with his Sunsword and frees them all from the basement. The scientists wail because everything is in ruins.

Then Mindok appears and zaps the scientists away. He tells them that the scientists are in his stronghold and to not try to follow. Thunder cuts a space capsule in half and rows them out to the lair.

Mindok tells the scientists he wants them to build him a robot body to transplant his brain into, and should they decline, he will not protect them…from him!

As the team approaches the lair, suddenly Fire whales appear. Yes, fire whales. They breathe fire through a blowhole and try to eat the crew. One does eat Ariel, but Thundarr pulls open its mouth to save her. When it comes again, she creates a magical ramp which makes it fly into another one. The next one swallows both of them whole, but Thundarr uses his Sunsword to escape as it swims into the depths. They swim to the surface with one fire whale left. Ookla punches it out. Then he realizes he is in water and panics so they swim to the shore with him in their arms.

It seems the only way off of the shore is through a scary cave, so they make the best of it. Mindok tracks their progress and tells the scientists to have his body ready tonight. He has been waiting 2000 years for this. Then he was human like them. He casts a mind control spell and they comply with his wishes to make the body tonight.

Thundarr and crew find their way into the lair. Ookla finds Zoa and his minions in the magical ball where Mindok imprisoned them. Mindok appears and imprisons them in a ball as well. He then goes into the lab where the scientists have completed his robot body. He drops his robes to reveal a skinny robot body. His helmet opens to reveal a brain tinged with magic. The brain levitates into the head of the robot and it sits up. It then opens a chute to a giant warship. It gives the scientists the ball containing Thundarr. Mindok descends and flies off in the ship.

Thundarr and crew all concentrate their attacks on one area of the ball to break it and Mindok’s spell over the scientists. They ride off to stop Mindok. No, I do not know how they returned to the mainland.

Mindok is wreaking havoc on the world. He is yelling from his loudspeaker and knocking over buildings. Thundarr rides in to save a small child from a crumbling building. They ride up a building near the ship and jump on it. Thundarr cuts open a slit in the hull with his Sunsword and Ookla pulls the metal back more to make the hold bigger. They then mount their horses and jump down inside the ship, riding their horses through it.

They confront Mindok on the bridge, and a fight ensues. Thundarr cuts off a hand and through his robot knees. Mindok screams that his brain will live forever as he falls back onto the controls, sending the ship into the sky and towards space.

Thundarr cuts a hole in the bottom of the warship and they jump out on horseback into the ocean. The ship continues up into the sky.

Back on the surface, the NASA scientists decide they will help the people nearby and maybe do some exploring. Thundarr and crew ride off!