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Thundarr the Barbarian

S2E8: Prophecy of Peril

The Wizard Vashtarr learns that there are three women who will mark his downfall. Thundarr and crew journey to find the women and seal the evil wizard’s fate.

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Robert Ridgely


Nellie Bellflower

Princess Ariel

Henry Corden

Ookla the Mok

Dick Tufeld


Joan Van Ark

Cinda, Voice of the Crystal

Marlene Aragon


Michael Ansara


Shep Menken

Additional Voices

Alan Oppenheimer

Additional Voices

Julie McWhirter

Additional Voices

Stacey Keach Sr.

Additional Voices

Keye Luke

Additional Voices

Episode Synopsis

At the wizard’s tower, Thundarr and crew are fighting thousands of mechanical men. Ariel has the Crystal of Prophecy. They decide to high-tail it out of there, but are stopped by Vashtarr the wizard! He wants the Crystal. Vashtarr attacks Thundarr and then tells them that locked within the Crystal is the secret of his destruction. Ariel tosses the Crystal to Thundarr, but Vashtarr destroys it with his laser beam eyes.

A naked smoke woman appears out of the Crystal’s destruction and tells them all that three women are the key to Vashtarr’s destruction. Uniting them will destroy him. Sweet hot buns of smoky womanhood!

They ride off to Endor to find Maya. Meanwhile, Vashtarr believes their quest is doomed to fail because Ariel’s magic cannot take them into the past. But he has a gem that can let him travel back to get Valerie. If he had listened closer to the prophecy, he could have thwarted it by not going back to get her since it was mentioned that he would be the one to find her. But, he’s not the brightest villain and we wouldn’t have a show in that event.

In the past, Valerie Storm is a fashion model on the runway when Vashtarr appears and drags her back to the future as his prisoner. He tosses her into the dungeon instead of killing her outright for reasons better called out as a plot device to keep the episode moving and set up his future demise.

At Maya’s tomb in Endor, they find her mummified body. Vashtarr’s metal men attack and a battle ensues. One of the metal men shoots Maya with his laser beam and the wraps disappear. She appears in all her glory and joins the fight. Maya is an element shifter who can take the form of any element: solid, liquid, or gas. She helps them destroy the metal goons.

Thundarr promises to tell her everything on their way to the Canyon of Death. Vashtarr, angered by the defeat, will command the Nullins himself! He flies off in a big ship with his face on the bow to the Canyon of Death.

Thundarr and crew find Cinda, but she doesn’t want to deal with them or anyone else. She’s my kind of people. She has a staff of power that makes her 10 time stronger. Suddenly Vashtarr attacks. His legions of Nullins attack them as he destroys her tower and home.

The women attack with Thundarr and crew. Maya realizes they will be fighting the Nullins forever unless they disable Vashtarr’s sky barge. Cinda boosts Maya up towards the ship, and Maya turns into steel to torpedo through the barge. It crashes to the ground. Thundarr foolishly thinks Vashtarr is dead, but once again, Vashtarr gives up the goods. He tells our heroes that the third woman of prophecy is at his lair.

Cinda joins them as he returns to his lair. He tells the Nullin to prepare the chamber of doom to destroy Valerie. In the dungeon, Valerie has used her nail file to turn the screws on the air vent and escape. She gets to the Gem of Glory in the throne room, but Vashtarr comes in and starts shooting laser beams all willy-nilly. Vashtarr accidentally shoots through the gem as he tries to get her. Suddenly she grows wings and has the power to zap him with her eyes because of the gem’s power. She flies up to the ceiling and blasts her way through, flying around Vastarr’s city.

Outside the walls, Thundarr and crew see Valerie flying. Ariel uses magic to pull her to them. They decide to sneak in with a cart nearby. Maya and Cinda dress as old women while Valerie has a stylish miniskirt to go with her wings. They make her put on a cloak and her wings disappear. Ariel, Ookla, and Thundarr will hide in the cart while the women pose as old women. The Nullins let them into the lair. One of the Nullins flies to tell Vashtarr that they have arrived. They sneak into the trap. As the Nullins attack, the women break off from the main team to go after Vashtarr. Thundarr and crew destroy the warship attacking them and head to Vashtarr’s tower.

The women have made it there, and Valerie notes that the Gem is the source of Vashtarr’s power. They attack him separately and are making little headway. They decide to unite their powers around the gem. As they do, it shatters and Vashtarr loses his power. The women are transported back to Valerie’s time on the runway stage.

Ariel believes they haven’t seen the last of the women.