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King's Quest II

Romancing the Throne

Developer: Sierra On-Line

Publisher: Sierra On-Line / Activision

Release Date: 1985


  • Tandy PCs
  • Apple II

King’s Quest II was the highly successful follow-up to Quest for the Crown, and this time Sierra had a good idea which platforms to target. Gone was the IBM funding, but they had done well enough with the first game to easily fund the development of the second. Using the same engine, and expanding the story to another land, Roberta Williams was able to craft a more engaging tale.

Original AGI Releases

King’s Quest II was the popular follow-up to the first game, and this time it was released for muliple systems due to the viability of the AGI engine and porting the first game to other platforms. With this game, Roberta Williams expanded the history of King Graham into a new land. She also refined the puzzles, making them more intuitive than the first game.

AGDI Remake Releases

The AGD Interactive remake of King’s Quest II added new puzzles and expanded on the storyline in the game, filling in previous gaps. It also made beautiful use of lush VGA graphics and the mouse interface.