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King's Quest III

To Heir is Human

Developer: Sierra On-Line

Publisher: Sierra On-Line / Activision

Release Date: 1986


  • Tandy PCs
  • Apple II

King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human was released in 1986, and at the time of release confused a number of people since it was the first King’s Quest to not include Graham as the protagonist. Instead, a slave boy named Gwydion had to escape the clutches of an evil wizard and sail across the sea to find his way back home.

AGI Release

In King’s Quest III: To Heir is Human, the player takes on the role of young Gwydion, a servant of the evil wizard Manannan. Gwydion must discover how to use the magician’s magic against him and attempt to return to his home shores where a surprise befitting a prince awaits him.

Infamous Adventures Remake

The Infamous Adventures remake streamlines some of the more difficult issues in the original AGI game, but also makes the game simpler to complete by moving it into the mouse interface. The VGA graphics are beautifully rendered, and this version has voice acting as well. It is quite a fun way to play through the game.