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King's Quest V

Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!

Developer: Sierra On-Line

Publisher: Sierra On-Line / Activision / Konami

Release Date: 1984


    • MS-DOS
    • Windows
    • Nintendo Entertainment System
    • Mac
    • Amiga
    • FM Towns
    • Tandy Memorex VIS
    • NEC PC-9801

King’s Quest V was the first major transition for the series to VGA, and the last to support EGA graphics. In the game, Castle Daventry is magicked away by a mysterious wizard. King Graham travels to Mordak’s kingdom to return his castle to its rightful place and rescue the royal family. He is accompanied by the most annoying sidekick in the form of Cedric the owl.

EGA Version

The EGA version was released on floppy discs (along with the VGA version) and supported the 16-color 320×200 resolution.

VGA Version

The VGA version included 320×200 256 color graphics which greatly expanded the level of detail Sierra’s artists could produce for the game.

CD-ROM Version

The CD-ROM version included voice-acting as well as removing the copy protection scheme of looking up information in the manual.

Nintendo Entertainment System Version

The Cheerleaders opens on a football field with a game in progress and the namesake cheerleaders jumping, bouncing, and shaking their booties all over the screen. When the Amorosa team wins, it’s down to the women’s locker room where the cheerleaders have their own area and all of the other girls are envious. There is one girl, Jeannie, who is especially envious, trying to listen in on their conversations.